Tribal Care

Tribal Care

By ISKCON Mumbai


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The tribal population of India needs more care than ever before. Though there are several actions that have been taken by the government and various NGOs, the tribal population still lags behind in various social parameters like education, child mortality, women health among various others.


There is alarming rate of dropout among the tribal students, the reason mainly being the need to earn money for the family. The tribal areas are devoid of proper education infrastructure, proper health infrastructure and other social amenities. This reiterates the need for better social care of the tribal population along with providing them with basic amenities of education and health.


Necessary step are taken to penetrate among the tribal areas of rural India to provide them with the required social care for their preservation and growth. The aim is to ensure a holistic growth of the tribal population through their needs of nutrition, education, and healthcare.


The following services are rendered as a part of tribal care:


  • Running schools and free coaching centres in remote areas
  • Scholarship to poor children
  • Free mid-day meal to children
  • Free medical camps
  • Drinking water supply
  • Building toilets


Kindly extend your generous support to tribal care initiative to bring a ray of hope in the lives of most neglected tribal population in remote corners of India. 

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