From Highway To Happy Way

From Highway To Happy Way



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Rescuing cows from highways/slaughter house and protecting them


Farmers commit suicide due to heavy debts caused by failed monsoons in India. In addition, they have to now face the economic challenges created by Covid-19 pandemic. These issues affect 61 crore people in rural India who primarily depend on agriculture.



When poor farmers fail to maintain their family’s basic needs, taking care of cows and bull is out of questions for them. They generally let the cows and bulls stray on the streets to find their own food.



Such abandoned cows stray on the highway and they meet with accident due to rash driving of trucks. On the Mumbai – Surat highway, about 15 cows per month are killed in Talasari near Mumbai. And, many more are hurt.



In addition, there are several cases of cows and bulls illegally transported to the slaughter houses. Such cows and bulls are confiscated by the police and are handed over to ISKCON’s cow shelter at Talasari.



ISKCON has taken an humble attempt to protect the stray cows and bulls on the highway. Also, ISKCON protects cows and bulls which are on the way to slaughter houses.



Come, joins hands with ISKCON to give a lease of life to cows and bulls which are either straying on the highway or on their way to slaughter house. Let them spend rest of their life happily in the protection at ISKCON’s Goshala.


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